Software Development

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Halo Group works with companies to implement agile software development processes. From conception of proprietary software to meet a specific business need, through the final result and implementation of the software, you can rely on Halo Group consultants. We assist with quality control and training, as well as updating and maintaining the software. Halo Group consultants can efficiently guide your company through the steps of the software development process. Some examples of how our consultants have provided expertise in the area of software development include:

  • creating software for a client who helps manufacturing and retail companies decide what products, with what features, need to be built, how many should be produced, and where they should be sold. We have assisted them from design of the the technical solution and development of the proof of concept, through implementation. The result is a predictive software that enables our customer to provide consultation to their client. The information obtained can keep up with changing technologies, as well as integrate with existing technologies.
  • working with client staff, and the contracting group they’ve brought in, to do the primary development of a software initiative to support of over 1,000 field agents of a national product inspection company. Halo Group consultants are developing a proprietary software tool set to replace the one they were licensing from a vendor.

Our consultants work with programs such as Android, Java/Angular web development tools, Dev Ops/Jenkins CI/CD manager, SQL, Angular JS, Eclipse, and Spring Tool Set.