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The world is brimming with ideas. Everyone is excited to bring a new product or service to market, or re-engineer an existing product or service to stay one step closer to their customer and one step ahead of their competition. Developers are writing lines of code to bring forth new ideas and innovation like never before. However, the pace of today’s market leaves vulnerabilities and room for mistakes unless the quality assurance process is strategic and comprehensive. Halo Group’s consultants are skilled at monitoring and testing new code to assure the end user that the product or service is indeed functioning in the way it was intended. Halo Group is an ideal quality assurance partner for achieving this critical phase in product development.

Halo Group consultants are quality assurance testing experts with varied skills in white box, integration, usability, web services, features & functionality, automation, and performance testing. We can write automation frameworks according to your specific business needs, and are flexible to adopt to client-centric quality assurance strategies. Our business expertise drives consultants to deliver on time and at budget, where we strive to not only meet, but exceed expectations. Our rich knowledge base and flexible engagement models enable you to completely outsource your quality assurance to one or more of our expert consultants, or engage our consultants within your overall strategy.

Our technical experience in multiple QA frameworks and automation tools includes Selenium, Robot framework, Squish, STAF, Test Director, Cucumber, Jira, Bugzilla, DejaGNU, JMeter, QTP, Java, and FrameMaker.

We have worked on countless quality assurance projects such as:

  • helping an insurance company develop and test a new tool for robust reporting and maintenance services for its online enrollment of multiline insurance plans.
  • working within an IT department at a healthcare insurance company to assist with technical documentation to support a wide-scale business continuity and disaster recovery project. We wrote help documentation, release notes, software documentation, executive presentations, online newsletter articles, software job aids, and provided in-house training.