Data Warehousing Projects

Data Warehousing Projects 2017-06-12T13:24:26+00:00

Some Halo Group data warehousing projects include:

  • monitoring the financial transactions from an Oracle Apps database, which are extracted and stored in the operational data store (ODS). From there, the data is grouped to store in the staging tables created in Oracle. The transformation rules for the source data is applied in the PL/SQL procedures of Oracle and the Informatica ETL tool. The transformed data is loaded to Teradata tables. We have done this using Oracle, Informatica, Teradata, UNIX scripts & SQL Loader.
  • working within an Enterprise Application Development Project using Java, J2EE and Oracle. The primary objective of the system is to enable and connect various parties involved in the import/export declaration, manifest submission and delivery order management processes to exchange relevant trade documents. It’s an electronic system that enables the trading community to interface and interact with various government and non-government agencies in a more efficient and productive manner.  
  • creating a web application for recruitment and outsourced candidate management. This application was created for an IT staffing organization that does on-demand outsourcing of talent for their clients. This application was developed to attain the details of IT talent activities and store them in the database. This application keeps track of time entry/tracking, time sheet approval, and invoicing of these outsourced resources. Based on the time sheet and hourly rate, the invoice is prepared. Based on the cost of the resources, profit results can be generated. Technology used for this project included HTML, CSS, .Net, C# and Oracle.
  • developing Learning Management Software for an online learning company. This SABA software is a complex environment that has a large Oracle database from which numerous reports are generated. Through SABA, 30,000 courses are completed daily with 21 courses completed every minute. This database generates millions of records that are stored in the underlying Oracle database. These data are read by an ETL tool and loaded into data marts to generate subsequent reports. Technology used for this project includes SABA, Oracle, IBM DataStage, Nexus. 

Our consultants are experts in application design and development on J2EE Platform-compliant Frameworks, Java and J2EE design patterns, and Enterprise Java Beans as middle tier components. We work with web services development solutions on J2EE Platform-compliant servers, including IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, and JBOSS. We have expertise in JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring and JSF, along with Oracle10g, XML, and Visio.