Big Data

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Companies today are striving to get closer to customers and provide customized service, content, and products. This has led to the seeking, tracking and storing of large amounts of information. Halo Group consultants have worked with both large and small companies looking to develop intelligence to guide business decisions. Knowledge of data science enables companies to think beyond the data on hand and make inferences and predictions to forecast trends and company direction.

Today, more data crosses the internet every second than was stored on the entire internet just 20 years ago. Halo Group consultants have the expertise to help you create the organized structure necessary to use, store, and secure all of this information and use it to make better business decisions .

Halo Group’s depth of experience in working with information includes machine learning, regression analysis, principal component analysis, differential evolutionary search, and neural networks. In addition, we are skilled at data management, statistical analysis, batch processing, unified big data analytics and data sharing, data exploration services including proof of concept engagements, and hypotheses creation and testing. Our consultants have built real-time queries to be executed against data in Hive, HDFS, HBase and AmazonS3. 

We specialize in event stream processing. This includes alerts, aggregation and analytics for event-intensive applications such as algorithmic trading, fraud detection, process monitoring, location-based services, sensor data, social media, and log and click stream processing. In addition, we use iterative algorithms to speed up repetitive processing, such as clustering and classification. Our consultants are experts in working with complex operations to create efficient support processes to “group-by,” “reduce-by” or “join” operations for modeling and executing complex data flows.

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