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A winning combination

Halo Group strives to be among the most respected digital IT consulting firms by providing unmatched customer, consultant and employee support. We offer a meaningful work environment for employees, attractive and interesting engagements for consultants, and cutting edge innovation for our customers. We believe that people are not a commodity, but our greatest resource.

Consultant Support

We take the time to personally know each of our consultants and offer them the same benefits as our full time employees. This creates a network of highly supported and knowledgeable consultants that we can deploy at a moments’ notice. Halo Group works with salaried, W-2 hourly, and 1099 consultants to ensure access to the highest level consultants available in a competitive marketplace.

Our comprehensive support of each consultant ensures that consultants are confident and motivated. Our 98% customer retention rate is a direct result of the support we provide to both our consultants and our customers. Our consultants take pride in our ability to achieve desired results, impact the bottom line, and help companies get one step closer to their customers and stay one step ahead of their competition.

Customer Support

Our employees not only keep up with the latest, cutting edge technologies, but are also experts in human capital. We don’t simply provide talent. We will learn your short and long term business goals, and recommend talent solutions to meet them. We understand how technology creates an interdependence among business units and we know how to navigate the complexities of these relationships. We can help you create best practices to get results and take your business to the next level.

As a result of our expertise in human capital, we have a deep understanding of passive job seekers. We know when and how to deploy messages to passive job seekers to stay top-of-mind with potential consultants. The result:  when you need someone, we will find them for you. We are experts at not only reaching, but also attracting and retaining the right people for your project.