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Halo Group, with our recent acquisition of Sonoma Consulting Inc., now offers “Best in Class” executive search capabilities by bringing quality, integrity, professionalism, process, speed and value to the recruiting process. Our offering is comprised of a seasoned team of highly trained search professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of all vertical industries specializing in Information Technology and Human Resources. We provide unparalleled senior-level executive search, management assessment and succession planning services tailored to our client’s specific requirements. Halo Group’s executive recruiters are well-positioned to meet your hiring needs. Our search consultants are highly trained, industry experienced recruitment professionals with an impressive record of placing talent for client companies. We offer three options to meet your needs:

Retained Search

  • Only company working on the position
  • Collaboratively build out the timeline and process
  • Retained search fee structure is 33% of the total package base and bonus

Exclusive Contingency Search

  • Only company working on the position
  • It is contingent, there is only a fee if Halo Group is successful on delivery and hiring of the candidate for your position
  • Collaboratively build out the timeline and (6-8) week process
  • If you’re not satisfied with the candidates you open it up to other companies to work on it

Contingent Search

  • Open to other companies
  • Halo Group does not follow the more comprehensive timeline and process which is much more detailed, labor intensive and costly
  • The fee is calculated off the base salary, not the total package

Our high quality candidates, thoroughly vetted to meet your specific requirements, enable you to find your perfect fit. Click here to learn how we can find you the best in-demand IT and Human Resources executives.