Three Ways to Attract Highly Competitive IT Talent

Ted Strauss • July 27, 2016

Why do companies miss out on top IT candidates?  Gone are the days that a prospective employer can sit across the desk of a highly skilled IT candidate and with the upper hand on whether or not they should get the job.  In today’s technology landscape, the demand for highly skilled IT talent is, in some markets, 5 to 1.  This means that a highly skilled IT professional has 5 different opportunities to choose from.  In order to avoid some common pitfalls that hiring managers often make, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you interview with a purpose and act with a sense of urgency.  This doesn’t mean take short cuts in your interview process but if you need to have other managers weigh in, try and not drag that process out.  Make sure you are transparent through the hiring process to set the candidates expectations.
  • Remember that interviewing is a two-way street.  Top IT professionals have many options and they evaluate and interview employers as well.  Employers who assume this is only a one-way process and fail to give the candidates an opportunity to ask their own rigorous questions will generally turn off strong candidates, or leave them with questions unanswered. If your competitors are taking time to listen to candidates and you are not, they will gain a competitive edge.
  • Companies must be worth working for.  This means more than just a competitive salary and benefits.  Companies should work to promote additional benefits such as professional development, flexibility, company culture, and personal growth opportunities.  Remind them that you can provide them with a high-functioning work environment where they can really excel and learn from other highly skilled employees.  Additionally, make sure to detail how your company’s effective management team recognizes their employees and their contributions toward the company’s success.

Failure to do these things can often leave a strong candidate looking to capitalize on other opportunities. Further, if they are left with any negative feelings following the interview process, they can quickly use social media and other means to spread the word about your company. The impact of having this negative word of mouth could end up being difficult to overcome and make it even more difficult to attract top talent.

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